Nature’s Pride successfully undertake responsible water project 

Wed 13/11/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Nature’s Pride continues to expand

Dutch fruit and vegetable specialist Nature’s Pride has undertaken a successful water-saving project in Peru and Chile. The initiative is part of a piloting of GlobalG.A.P.’s water add-on audit, SPRING, and highlights the company’s commitment to responsible water use. In order to obtain SPRING certification, it is necessary to demonstrate legality of water sources, best practices and continuous improvement in on-farm water management, as it has at six of its producer partners in the South American countries.

Nature’s Pride’s chief commercial officer, Adriëlle Dinkier, said.

“It’s in our nature to put people and the environment at the heart of our operations. Water is one of the most precious natural resources and we need to protect it for future generations. We will roll out SPRING to other growers and will continue to engage with key stakeholders in our value chain to promote responsible water use in our sector together.”

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