Nature’s Pride launches a new serving pack for blueberries

Tue 20/02/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

At Fruit Logistica, Nature’s Pride launched a serving pack for blueberries. The new packaging has a corner that you can fold open, so that the amount of berries is easily taken out. Nature’s Pride has created a solution to consumers who are on the road a lot and the trend of berries being enjoyed at different times during the day.

The new resealable packaging, which Nature’s Pride has developed in collaboration with the largest Fruit & Vegetables distributor of Norway Bama Gruppen and the Italian packaging company Guillin, will be available from week 11 all year round in 125g. The packaging is easily stacked, which enables efficient shelf presentation and pallet loading.

The company also has the exclusive sales rights worldwide for this type of packaging. The new packaging is introduced under the label EAT ME; the premium brand of Nature’s Pride.

With this innovation Nature’s Pride wants to expand the growth of the berry category together with growers and customers, by finding optimal solutions for the changing consumption patterns and growing consumer demand.

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