Murciana de Vegetales, 30 years developing lettuces 

Thu 02/06/2022 by Pierre Escodo

For three decades, Murciana de Vegetales has specialised in lettuces, such as the Little Gem, Baby Roja, Romana, Mini-Romana, Mini-Romana Roja, Frillice, Caribú® and Cresta® varieties. It is the only European company to produce the three different types of red leaf lettuce (Red Baby, Cresta and Red Mini Romana). The firm also grows organic varieties of Little Gem, Corazón de Romana and Iceberg. Last season, Murciana de Vegetales launched Caribú®, a variety with a unique appearance and taste and this will be the first year of supply programmes for its clients. Murciana de Vegetales cultivates its lettuce varieties all year round with excellent shelf life. It has obtained many certifications and has its own laboratory.

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