Morrisons to expand Wonky range of fruit and vegetables

Thu 26/04/2018

UK supermarket chain Morrisons has announced plans to promote imperfect fruit and vegetables. The firm’s range of ‘Wonky Produce’ includes products of with defects such as missing stalks, extreme curvature, imperfect colouring and smaller sizes. A spokesperson for the retailer said that prices would be approximately 60% of the regular-priced goods but would taste just as good. The range includes chillies, frozen mixed berries, with wonky avocados and kiwis to be added soon. By the end of 2018, 33 products from 22 countries should be available. The idea behind the initiative is to reduce food wastage. Morrisons has also pledged to increase the number of different suppliers from which it sources its products to almost 300. This is to help farmers who affected by adverse conditions sell even imperfect produce. The firm currently sells over 500 tons of wonky produce per week.

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