Morrisons raises minimum wage to £10 an hour in UK 

Retailer Morrisons has announced it is to become the first supermarket in the UK to pay at least £10 an hour to all of its 120,000 staff, as from April 2021.
Thu 21/01/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
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The new payment policy will result in a significant pay increase of around 9% for 96,000 employees. Currently, Morrisons has a minimum hourly wage rate of £9.20. The increase will be primarily funded by investment in payroll, as well as changes to bonus pay-outs. Staff told the supermarket they would prefer to have a guaranteed amount in their hourly rate and receive it more regularly than the current bonus scheme.

Morrisons chief executive David Potts said: “It’s great to be able to say that in the UK from April this year, if you work at Morrisons supermarkets, you will earn at least £10 an hour. It’s a symbolic and important milestone that represents another step in rewarding the incredibly important work that our colleagues do up and down the country.”

Morrisons said there would also be a London weighting, with rates for inner London rising by 85p and outer London by 60p per hour.

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