Morocco’s fresh raspberries gain access to US

Thu 12/09/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Morocco’s fresh raspberries gain access to US

A week after progress was made to establishing a Morocco-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA), a protocol has been signed between the two countries allowing the North African country to ship its fresh raspberries to the North American giant.  The US Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) announced in a statement that it will amend regulations governing the fruits and vegetables imports to allow shipments of fresh raspberries from Morocco to the United States. APHIS reassured the public that the fruit will undergo measures upon arrival to prevent the Monilinia fructigena pest as a condition of entry. The product will also be inspected prior to exportation from Morocco.

The statement emphasised:

“The raspberries will have to be imported in commercial consignments only and must be field inspected for signs of Monilinia fructigena infection no more than 30 days prior to harvest.”

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