Morocco’s citrus expected to reach 2.3 million tons this year

Tue 03/04/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
CIT morrocco KABBAGE SOUSS (2)

Morocco’s citrus production continues to increase. Expert forecasts for the country’s 2017-18 crop indicate a 3% rise in volumes, to 2.3 million tons. According to the secretary-general of the Moroccan citrus producers association (ASPAM), Ahmed Derrab, the growth in output relates to the opening of new production areas.

Although the sector’s trend over recent years has been positive, it falls well below the established target of 2.9 million tons by 2018. Likewise, despite a trend of growth, exports will be half the 2018 target of 1.3 million tons, with expectations of volumes between 650,000 and 680,000 tons for the season which ends in June.

There is nearly 125,000 hectares of citrus in Morocco, with exports mainly destined for Russia, the EU and Canada.



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