Mission Produce surpasses its sustainable goals

For nearly four decades, Mission Produce has invested in providing the finest for its people and the planet.
Mon 03/10/2022 by Pierre Escodo
With advanced irrigation systems, Mission Produce strives to prevent water waste from its avocado production.

In an effort to ensure a more sustainable future, Mission Produce is making progress on its actionable goals in the areas of community investment, diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), climate risk and waste reduction.

Significant achievements in 2021 & 2022

During the last fiscal year, Mission Produce applied shelf-life extension technology to more than 34 million pounds of avocados, exceeding its waste reduction goal by 55%. The group also decreased trash sent to landfill by 19% and increased recycling by 33% compared to FY 2020. It also started using bags with finer netting and thinner film, making substantial progress towards its goal to reduce plastic by 50% in the bags it packs and ships globally by 2025. 

A leader in precision farming

With advanced water management and irrigation systems, Mission Produce strives to prevent water waste resulting from its avocado production. Compared to the industry average, the firm uses 40.5% less water in Peru and 40% less water in California per avocado produced. According to the irrigation associates of the Riego Moche Virú Chao, the average grower in La Libertad produces 15 tons of avocados per hectare and uses 18,000 m3 of water per hectare, while Mission Produce farms in Peru produce 17.67 tons of avocados per hectare and use 14,418 m3 of water per hectare.

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