Mexico’s grapefruit exports boosted by European demand

Tue 02/01/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
pomelo mexico

Mexico’s grapefruit exports for 2017/18 are expected to rise to 20,000 tons due to higher demand. Europe’s demand is stronger and offers better prices than the US market. Around 84% of grapefruit exports are shipped to Europe and 16% to the US.

As for imports, most of the grapefruit coming into Mexico from the US is processed for export to Europe or for re-export back to the US. Grapefruit imports for 2017/18 are forecast to be similar to those in 2016/17 (around 2,000 tons), as demand from the peeled fruit industry is met by domestic product. Mexico’s tariff rate on imported grapefruit from the US is 0% under the NAFTA. Other countries’ products must pay a 20% duty.  Most imports come from the US due to its proximity.


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