Mercadona ramps up sustainability drive 

Thu 20/05/2021
Mercadona ramps up sustainability drive 
Photos: Mercadona


Spain’s leading supermarket chain Mercadona has launched Strategy 6.25, aimed at speeding up plastics reduction and waste management. The project has the triple objective of reducing plastic by 25%, making all plastic packaging recyclable and recycling all plastic waste. The retailer has set out several sustainable objectives and various actions to implement between now and 2025: eliminating single-use plastic bags in all sections, eliminating single-use plastic packaging, minimising plastics in packaging, promoting the recyclability of packaging, recycling all plastic waste produced in stores, rolling out home delivery and developing Mercadona Online. The firm has also designed a complete communication plan to inform the end consumer about how to separate waste at home and recycle properly.

Mercadona has already undertaken concrete actions to ensure it achieves its first objectives in 2021 and is currently working on implementing others.


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