Mediterranean tomatoes offer unique taste sensations

Europe’s Mediterranean breeders continue to combine colours, flavours and textures to offer a whole world to discover while always seeking to return to the traditional taste of the field tomato.
Sun 30/10/2022 by Gabriele Orsi
Sir Galvan VN160215 pepper variety
Tribelli® by Enza Zaden
Bacco: southern Europe’s leading cocktail tomato from MedHermes.

Vilmorin-Mikado – ready for the challenges of the tomato market

Vilmorin-Mikado Ibérica, a global seed breeding company, has launched a new variety of pear tomato (Olmedo, Sir Galvan in Almería), as well as new vine tomatoes (Barbarela in Spain and Soberbo in Portugal and Italy). In the cherry tomato category, the firm has developed the Dantesco variety for the Italian market. The company’s objective is to diversify its tomato formats so as to open new markets, as is the case with the counter-seasonal San Marzano tomato Sir Galvan. Vilmorin-Mikado has a very complete and balanced range. This year, the company has unveiled FULLPRO F1, its most vigorous graft holder. “The main challenges for the company are to incorporate resistance to ToBRFV and increase the profitability of crops, with more competitive varieties in terms of final yields, forms of harvesting (vine) and longer shelf life,” said Manuel Ruiz, tomato crop specialist, Europe Unit.

Enza Zaden, seducing consumers with sweet Tribelli® peppers

Since their launch, the extreme sweetness and meticulous presentation of Tribelli® peppers have won over supermarket buyers. They are supplied year-round in a mini format for snacking and in an XL format for cooking. “Most of the major European chains now sell Tribelli® as one of their leading brands of sweet pepper. In fact, what we are seeing is that in supermarkets such as Kaufland in Germany and Alcampo in Spain, the logo on the packaging is making the pepper easily recognisable for the end consumers. Thanks to ongoing marketing efforts, we are seeing that it is now the consumers themselves who are seeking out the brand on shelves,” said Giuseppina Inturrisi, marketing specialist at Enza Zaden. And Enza Zaden is stepping up its marketing this season with a wide range of actions targetting consumers in Germany, Spain, Holland and the United Kingdom.

MedHermes increases production of Bacco

MedHermes has exciting varietal innovations in store for the 2022 tomato season: “In the last two years, our priority has been to offer varieties with great adaptability, excellent flavour and high Brix degree. Our flagship product is the cocktail tomato Bacco, production of which will grow by 20% compared to last year. We are leading producers of this variety in Spain and southern Europe. Meanwhile, in the oxheart tomato category, two other innovative products are on the way, in the form of Ariosto and Rinaldo. First developed in 2021, the varieties offer high productivity, heat resistance and good flavour,” said general manager Alfredo Amoroso. Other tomatoes that have enjoyed great success are the mini-plum Imera, which is available for 10-12 months a year, and Melite, the tasty premium cherry.

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