Mazloum Group stakes on technological approach and sustainability

Wed 28/12/2022 by Natalia Bammatova
Mohamed Fakreldin, export manager of Mazloum Agri

In 2001, the Egyptian Mazloum Group started to cultivate fresh produces, mainly oranges, mango and dates on its farm, and started to export them to Europe two years later. Presently the company gained a reputation of a reliable exporter. “Reputation is our first priority,” informs Mohamed Fakreldin, export manager. “For past decades, fruit from Egypt acquired bad reputation in the world due to their “hit and run” policy, and our goal is to prove the contrary.” For this purpose, the company stakes on consistency and technological approach. According to Malthusian theory, agricultural resources will not eventually suffice to feed the growing world’s population, therefore innovative methods should be encouraged.

Besides, the company supports global social trends for health care and eco-friendliness. For instance, thanks to a barcode stuck on package boxes, every end consumer can trace the way of Mazloum’s fruit from the field throughout the entire logistics chain and make sure the fruit is fresh. At the same time, environmentally involved consumers become aware that fruit are grown according to sustainably practices.

African markets have been recently upraising and promising; it is most motivating for Egyptian businessmen, and Mazloum Group is happy to be in the forefront.

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