Los Burgaleses establishes itself with direct exports

Fri 01/09/2017 by Richard Wilkinson
CITRICS argentina LOS BURGALESES Esteban & Manuel Balboa

Los Burgaleses originated from a family with a strong lemon-producing tradition: Balboa Requejo. It began operating in 2006. This is the third season of direct exports and the first year with a significant volume, with expectations of reaching 30 containers. Manuel Balboa, commercial director, explained that

“We are still not exporting all of the produce, which is double this. What we don’t export, we sell to other exporters. Thus, with produce available, we have the chance to develop new business with new clients.”

The company is going through a phase of expansion. In the short and mid-term, it aims to have direct relations with supermarkets or clients with stalls in the most important markets both within and outside the EU, reaching the end consumer more directly. Since it has its own nursery, traceability begins with the seed. For this campaign, it has also acquired and renewed machinery to do typical tasks in the field with high-quality, and has also become certified to export to the US, which is a market on which it has set its sights.

“We expect to develop our own packing plants in the coming years and to increase the amount of land, but always remaining responsible with traceability and the quality with which we dispatch the produce,” says Balbo. He stresses the years of experience in handling the products, combined with the responsibility and meticulousness of a family company seeking long-term business relationships. “Our idea is not to create volume but a direct relationship with the client.”

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