Lleida pear sector facing worst campaign for decades

Tue 30/08/2022 by Richard Wilkinson
Pears in boxes. Copyright: MIssatges/TRECOOP.

Spanish pear farmers in Lleida have reported poor prospects for this season due to the April frosts and multiple heatwaves, which have resulted smaller fruit sizes. Only a third of the pears currently being harvested have reached the minimum size for marketing, with the rest destined for the production of juices and other processed products. Although prices are expected to be “good”, they will not compensate for the drop in production for fresh marketing, which is why farmers fear it will be the worst campaign in the more than 20 years.

Farmers have started the harvest of the Limonera and Ercolini pears a week later than normal, as many have waited to see if the fruit grows a little more and reach the minimum size for marketing (60mm in diameter).

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