Live webinar: “Green supply chains don’t have to start with sustainability” 

Mon 12/09/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

As retailers respond to the climate crisis and subsequent consumer demands for more environmentally responsible ways of shopping, this webinar will explore how taking a data-driven approach to optimising retail supply chains can prove an effective starting point for achieving long-term sustainability gains. 

The webinar, to take place on Wednesday 14th September at 2pm GM, is organised by Retail Gazette and Advanced Intelligent Supply Chain. It will consider how shaping a retail supply chain in line with new regulations and in order to be greener is not as daunting as retailers might think. Improving existing practices can make a real difference, and working in more efficient ways is key to driving continual change.

We will also look at where big change is required, addressing some major industry issues, as well as the importance of supply chain management software in pinpointing efficiencies and addressing errors/waste to make supply chains leaner, and how this can create a solid foundation for enhancing the overall circularity of supply chains.

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