Lidl promotes Balearic produce

Tue 16/06/2020 by Richard Wilkinson

Discount retailer Lidl is expanding its range in the Balearics, adding a wider selection of local products at its 23 stores on the islands. In a statement, the company said:“The aim is to encourage people to buy Balearic products, to contribute to the continuity of small producers who are facing closure because the State of Emergency has reduced their market access.”

The move is part of Lidl’s support for the Consell de Mallorca’s call to promote agri-food products from the archipelago. Between March and May, Lidl increased the amount of fruit and vegetables it buys from local farmers to more than 15,000 kilos of produce a week, including aubergine, courgette, onion, potato, cucumber, white pepper and Ramallet tomatoes.

The company buys produce from 16 local suppliers and now sells around 60 items from the Balearic Islands at its stores in Spain and elsewhere in Europe. In the last 5 years, Lidl has purchased around €81 million worth of produce from suppliers in the Balearic Islands. In 2019 alone, its purchases of local products amounted to €17 million, of which 17% was exported to Germany, France and Italy.

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