Last months to enjoy Clemcott

Wed 23/03/2016 by Pierre Escodo
The last few months to enjoy the best selection of Nadorcott: Clemcot

With just a few months before the Clemcott season ends, the best selection of Nadorcott continues to supply the market with its excellent quality fruit that is becoming increasingly more popular in Europe’s fruit and vegetable sector, one of the big consumers of citrus fruit.

In line with the objective of this 2016 season campaign, Clemcott meets the requirements of the experts with optimal characteristics that a certified quality mandarin deserves: Clemcott is the “easy peel” for all ages, “even a baby could peel a Clemcott”. Its numerous nutritional and organoleptic properties also make it ideal for children.

Clemcott also makes the difference with taste and colour. Clemcott is tantalisingly delicious; it is distinguished for its exquisite flavour and its deep reddish orange colour that makes it very appetizing. Another great virtue is its perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. These quality standards along with many others are upheld year after year so that Clemcott can always meet the expectations of everyone: farmers, marketers, agricultural experts and consumers.

Very few are privileged with the honour of having their orchards chosen to grow this mandarin in each season. As proof of all this hard work and dedication, Clemcott comes with its Blacklabel that is always somewhere visible on the secondary packaging to identify it and endorse its quality guarantee and its authenticity. It is therefore impossible not to be able to distinguish it from the other mandarins on the market.



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