Larger world peach and nectarine crop forecast

Fri 07/10/2022 by Richard Wilkinson
top view fresh ripe nectarines peaches wicker basket grey background. Copyright Stoccking/Freepik

The 2022-23 global peach and nectarine crop is expected to rise by 4% to 23.7 million tons, thanks to larger production in China, the EU and Turkey, according to USDA data. Lower exports from the U.S and the EU will be offset by larger shipment volumes from Uzbekistan and China.

EU production is forecast to improve to 3.1 million tons as supplies in France and Greece rebound from last year’s weather damage. This will offset any significant losses in top grower Spain, which had endured a 30% drop due to intense cold and severe frosts during April and May.

In the Southern Hemisphere, Chilean production is expected to continue its long upward trend, rising to 180,000 tons on favourable growing conditions and improved winter rainfall after decades of relentless drought. Rising nectarine output continues to outpace peach production as growers expand nectarine acreage in response to higher nectarine returns.

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