Larger EU citrus crop expected

Mon 18/01/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
Significantly larger Spanish citrus crop expected

EU citrus production in 2020/21 is predicted to rise 7.5% to 11.4 million tons, due to favourable weather conditions, according to FAS/Europe. The 2019/20 EU citrus season saw an increase in citrus consumption and peak citrus prices. The recovery of EU production and higher global demand for citrus related to the COVID-19 pandemic may dampen EU imports. Strategic export markets destinations for EU citrus continue to be Canada, the Middle East, and China, followed by Switzerland, Norway, and Serbia. Additional tariffs are expected to continue impacting citrus trade with the US.

EU orange production is forecast 5.6% higher than the previous season at 6.5 million tons. Orange juice production in the EU is predicted to rise 8% to 87,987 tons. EU mandarin production is forecast to be up 10% to 3.1 million tons. Over the last decade, the EU’s total orange planted area has shrunk almost 12%  and mandarin growing area by 10%. During this same period, EU lemon and grapefruit planted area grew by 9% and 6% respectively mainly due to the growth in Spain in response to global market demand.

In 2019/20, as a result of the decline in EU citrus production, EU imports of citrus grew slightly, mainly from South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco.  EU citrus export destinations are mainly Switzerland, Norway, Canada, and Serbia, with significant rises in new third markets such as China and the Middle East.  EU citrus exports are expected to continue to rise.

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