Large EU apple crop puts pressure on prices

Mon 18/03/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Large EU apple crop puts pressure on prices

Average EU apple prices in February were 4% below the reference period average. However, average prices seem to be reaching stability and market experts expect improvements especially regarding extra-EU exports. The 2018/19 marketing year started on 1st August. After the previous year’s very small crop, the current season represents a return to high volumes, which, in terms of prices, implies a shift from very high prices to lower prices. At the Member State level there are significant differences. France has the highest price and Poland the lowest, due especially to differences in quality and varieties. Given the big crop, stocks during the campaign are expected to be higher than the reference period average. Drought did not significantly affect apple production. Poland has a big crop and there are difficulties for selling it due to lack of adaptation to demand for some varieties, especially regarding apples for processing.

Regarding the international environment, export opportunities seem to be on the rise. China, with over half of the world’s production, suffered a severe frost that could lead to a significant reduction in the world’s supply and, therefore, favourable conditions for EU exports in Asia and the international markets. Global apple supply is at its lowest for the last eight years (source: InformaEcon and USDA).

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