La Vall de la Casella, 100% certified organic agriculture

Tue 24/05/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
Laura Vargas, marketing manager at La Vall de la Casella


La Vall de la Casella has been a benchmark for organic cooperatives for 25 years. “We work in organics out of conviction, not as a fad, and we are always trying to help small farmers. ‘Organic’ isn’t just a label indicating a fruit doesn’t contain pesticides. It means practising sustainable agriculture, promoting biodiversity, focusing on fair agriculture,” said commercial director Laura Vargas. “You can’t become an organic producer and then pay the farmer 5 cents an orange. We will continue to pay decent rates and avoid haggling. Our philosophy is fair prices, decent work and quality product.” The firm has grown certified organic fruit for over 20 years, in accordance with EU Organic Agriculture regulations. “We offer the best fresh fruit, picked at the optimum point of ripeness so that its flavour is authentic, produced and prepared in a traditional, healthy and sustainable way,” said Vargas.

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