La Costiera expects good campaign for Primofiore lemon and bergamot

Fri 10/12/2021 by Gabriele Orsi
Primofiore lemon, by La Costiera.
The Primofiore lemon will have a new design on the online packaging of the organic product to make it more easily recognisable.

La Costiera is preparing for the start of the winter campaign with great hopes for the prospects of the Primofiore lemon and other types of citrus. 

“The surprising thing about this start of the season is the great success of bergamot already. What used to be considered a niche citrus fruit is now in great demand, especially on foreign markets such as France and northern Europe. Likewise, we expect a good quality campaign for the Primofiore Italian lemon, with the only drawback being slow ripening due to the high temperatures. In other news regarding the Primofiore, we will have a new design on the online packaging of our organic product to make it more easily recognisable,” said Valentina Sanna, foreign sales manager. 

However, there has been a drop in production of the Interdonato di Messina PGI lemon, which has suffered more from the intense heat due to the thinness of its peel. Meanwhile, the cedar campaign will start a few weeks late. La Costiera’s production totals several tons of citrus fruit, mainly directed to the European markets, as well as Dubai (by air), and the US (for the Sorrento PGI Lemon).

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