La California expands melon production in Peru

Mon 27/07/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
La California expands melon production in Peru

La California has continued to develop its melon production project in Peru.

“For the third year, we are continuing tests in Peru on 5 hectares of Saporito melons. The results are very good thanks to the climate and the suitable soil that prevent fungus formation. With this production, we plan to cover the calendar window not covered by Brazilian melons, which generally last up to February. So these melons from Peru will be supplied from March to April, at which point they will be joined by Spanish and Italian fruit in May and June,” said general manager, Giuseppe Galluccio.

Other varieties of melon produced by La California Group in Italy and Spain include Cantaloupe, Piel de Sapo and yellow melon. The production is currently destined exclusively for the Italian market, but projects are underway with producers from Peru and the US to expand both in terms of quantity and in quality.


Based in Campania, La California Group is a logistics leader in Italy and Europe in the packaging and marketing of fruit and vegetables. Over time, it has specialised in the production of Sicilian pomegranate and Tarocco oranges. La California deals markets Italian and imported fruit and vegetables supported by its Spanish subsidiary La California Trading España.

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