Kiwis grow increasingly fond of persimmon

New Zealanders are developing a taste for persimmons
Tue 27/04/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
New Zealanders grow increasingly fond of persimmon © PxHere

New Zealanders are developing a taste for persimmons, a fruit previously mainly destined for export, especially Japan, reports Asiafruit. Ian Turk, manager of the New Zealand Persimmon Industry Council, said:

 “We’re excited to have seen an increase of 20 per cent in just two years in the New Zealand market.”

Around 12,500 tons of New Zealand-grown persimmons are exported each year. Estimated to be worth NZ$10m, exports will reach Australia, South-East Asia, Japan, the US and China in 2021.

“We’ve had an excellent season this year and are recovering well from the impact of a tough 2020 season,” said Turk. “The combined issues of a Covid-19 lockdown two weeks before harvest, lengthy drought conditions and air freight costs that quadrupled due to the pandemic meant some significant challenges. We’re heading into the 2021 season with greater confidence – not quite back to normal, but nearly there.”

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