Kiwi Atlántico to begin harvesting in early November

Tue 15/10/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Kiwi Atlántico to begin harvesting in early November

The brand is committed to the green kiwi and to highlighting the multiple health benefits it brings to consumers with the campaign ‘May everything go well’.

Kiwi Atlántico will start its harvest at the beginning of November. According to José Carlos Vila, managing director of the company,

“This campaign will provide a product of excellent quality.”

For the new campaign, which the firm will report at its Fruit Attraction stand (5F01 Hall 5), Kiwi Atlántico has decided to encourage the consumption of the ‘old-fashioned green kiwi’ with a focus on the health of consumers.

“Kiwi is one of the most complete fruits on the market. It has very beneficial properties for the health of consumers of any age, so it has always been recommended by nutrition experts,” said Vila. “The green kiwi in particular is the perfect fruit to alleviate intestinal tract problems that may affect older people, children or pregnant women.”

Vila highlights the great qualities of Kiwi Atlántico’s green kiwi.

“It has a soft texture and, above all, a special acidity that is combined with a refreshingly sweet taste. It is this acidity that only green pulp kiwi has that improves intestinal transit.”

Kiwi Atlántico, which will present at Fruit Attraction its humorous campaign, ‘May everything go well’, is Spain’s largest kiwi supplier and a European leader.

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