Jingold targets new varities

Tue 03/01/2017
Jingold’s 2016 campaign will be dominated by new varieties of kiwi. 

Jingold’s 2016 campaign will be dominated by new varieties of kiwi.  “As of last year, besides producing the traditional Hayward kiwi, we added the Boerica variety with the brand Jingold Bliss.  This new variety has a more regular shape, and under the same conditions can develop a greater quantity of dry matter.  This is part of our market segmentation plans to develop premium products which will continue into 2017 when we will present new varieties of yellow, green, and red kiwi,” director general, Alessandro Fornari, said.  Their products are ever more targeted towards major overseas markets.  “Our objective is to become established with the leading clients.  However, since the yellow kiwi has only limited volumes, our focus is to consolidate our sales of the green variety, too, particularly in Asian markets,” Fornari said.  And the signs are positive for the coming season.   “Despite a fall in volumes to the levels of two years ago, we are optimistic about this season, especially for the yellow kiwi, thanks to favourable weather conditions that have enabled us to obtain an excellent quality of product.  The product went on sale at the end of October in the overseas markets and in early November in Europe,” Fornari said.

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