Italy’s apple orchards suffer extensive hail damage

Thu 12/08/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
Giulia Zanotelli ©Provincia autonoma di Trento
Giulia Zanotelli, local councillor for agriculture in Trento.

Many parts of northern Italy’s apple production in the Val di Non region have suffered damage due to an unexpected hailstorm on Thursday 22 July. Italiafruit News reports that the storm struck several areas, causing considerable damage to around 500-600ha of apple orchards. In some places, even anti-hail nets were insufficient to prevent damage and protect the fruit.

The hailstorm’s unusual timing raises new concerns for the key sector. Giulia Zanotelli, local councillor for agriculture in Trento, said:

“We must see how events of this kind appear more and more frequent and intense, with damage also in terms of quality and systems and effects that will also have repercussions on the next few years.”

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