Italy increases exports of F&V

First three years of Made in Nature project bring positive results
Mon 30/05/2022 by Gabriele Orsi
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Made in Nature, CSO Italy’s project dedicated to organic fruit and vegetables, has completed its first three years of activity. With demand for organic products in Europe growing, exports are increasing. The encouraging sales of organic products highlight the importance of promoting the values of this type of production. According to FiBL data, the market share carved out by organics is progressively growing. In this regard, Denmark (FiBL 2021) is the European leader, with a 12.1% share, followed by Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and Luxembourg, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

From Farm to Fork

“The importance of projects such as Made in Nature is demonstrated by the results, such as the useful contacts achieved through the implemented activities, which, despite being limited by the pandemic, nevertheless highlighted the great interest among European consumers in organic farming. Through its social networks and website, Made in Nature has reached over 60,000 estimated contacts, and its digital ad campaigns have had 27 million hits. Actions at points of sale engaged with consumers, with over 1,650 promotional days in France alone, 8,000 days in Germany and 1,500 in Italy,” said Luca Mari, project manager for CSO Italy. After the impressive results seen in 2020 (+4.4% in consumption, ISMEA 2020), organic demand continues to grow throughout Europe, driven by EU campaigns such as From Farm to Fork and, above all, a focus on natural well-being and environmental protection that is increasingly widespread among consumers.

+5% in Italian market

Italians’ consumption of organic produce is up 5% compared to 2020, with a total value of €4.6 billion in sales (Nomisma-Sana 2021). A fundamental role in this performance is played by supermarkets (€1.4 billion in organic sales), as well as discounters and the steady growth of e-commerce. And 2022 has begun where 2021 left off. The growth in organic sales is most marked in Italian exports, which reached €2.91 billion in 2021 (up 11% on 2020).

Made in Nature project renewed by EU

Organic exports represent 6% of Italy’s total agrifood exports, demonstrating the importance of this type of product and the reputation Italy has in the agri-food sector. Indeed, Italy is the world’s second-largest exporter of organic products, just behind the US and ahead of Spain, China and France. French sales of organics have also seen significant growth in the processed fruit and vegetable sector, where consumption was up by 30% in volume and 29% in market value in 2020. The “Made in Nature – Discover the values of European organic” project concluded its first three years of promotional activities on January 31 2022, but has been refinanced by the EU to continue promoting European organics in Italy, France, Germany and Denmark, and the products of Italian production companies such as Brio, Canova, Conserve Italia and Veritas Biofrutta.

Italy is the second-largest exporter of organic products in the world.

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