International Strawberry Symposium 2021

Mon 05/04/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
International Strawberry Symposium 2021
Virtual Platform - ISS 2021

The International Strawberry Symposium will run from 1 to 5 May, with a presentation on the evening of 1 May. Scientific research studies will be discussed for three days, from 2 to 4 May, together with all the latest discoveries in genetics, nutrition, agronomic management, and more. The final day, 5 May, will be dedicated to on-site visits. For this day, an online connection will be included, with the possibility of a live presence, following all protocols, as it will take place outdoors and there will be wide open spaces.

“Taking part in the International Strawberry Symposium 2021 is not like attending an ordinary webinar. Indeed, the symposium is conceived not only as a time for education and information, but also as an opportunity for scientific exchange,” said Bruno Mezzetti, associate professor and co-organizer of the event. The Symposium registration price is locked until 30 April.

“The webinar package includes 15 speeches, posters, virtual tours, the Berry School, the two books (more than 1000 pages, including 150 articles on the research) and all other necessary information. By accessing the platform, a participant is part of a real exhibition and therefore I invite those companies who want to be featured as sponsors to participate. Within our platform, a person can move as if they were physically present at an event and have access to the different rooms.”

The symposium will offer information at a very high scientific level, as testified also by the high number of approved scientific contributions. About 50% of these have been reviewed and will constitute the proceedings, two volumes of about 1,000 pages.

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