Frutomás Export increases exports

Mon 30/05/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
Frutomás Export

Valencia-based Frutomás Export offers a wide range of citrus fruits and seeks to open up new international markets to continue to grow. “Our main markets are in Europe, but during the past campaign, we made a special product for the UAE in 9 kg boxes,” said José Tomás Gómez, owner and manager. To overcome the challenges of the constantly changing fresh produce market, Frutomás has formed a group together with other leaders in the sector such as Citrics Carlet, Citítricos Troya, AEP and Sat Riberfresh. Together, they seek to guarantee their customers a high-quality product throughout the chain, from production to handling to marketing. In addition to citrus, Frutomás also sells persimmons, potatoes and onions.

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