Increase in Spanish tomato crop

Tue 15/10/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Increase in Spanish tomato crop

According to first official estimates for the 2019 Spanish vegetable campaigns, extra-early potato production is up 5.2%, while output of early varieties surged 24.4%. The onion crop contracted 12.9%. As for tomatoes, the “January-May” crop climbed 4.6%, and the “summer” (June-Sept) rose 5.8%, in its first estimates.

As for other vegetable crops, the largest increase was for green peas (+27%), followed by pepper (+10%), mushrooms (+8.2%), spinach (+3.7%), carrot (+3.2%), asparagus (+2.6%) and strawberry and strawberry (+ 0.1%). Meanwhile, there is expected to be a drop in output of artichoke (-11.4%), cucumber (-9.9%), radish (-6.8%), green beans (-3.9%), courgette (-2.5%) and aubergine (-1.4%).

As for fruit crops, estimates show increases in plum (+13.4%), raspberry (+3.2%) and strabwerry (0.1%), but contractions in apricot (-26.1%), cherry (-9.9%) and peach (-1.1%).

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