Impressive growth of Peru’s organic blueberries

Exports of Peru’s organic blueberries recorded strong growth in value and volume in 2020.
Mon 26/04/2021
Impressive growth of Peru’s organic blueberries © PROARANDANOS

Susana Yturry of ADEX said that despite only having 3.7% of the fresh fruit market, Peru’s organic blueberries have great potential. Overall, blueberries account for 26% of the country’s fresh fruit exports. Yturry added that the value of organic blueberry exports grew by 40 times in 2020 compared to 2019, reaching US$31 million. In volume terms, shipments of organic blueberries rose from 135 tons to 4,000 tons in just one year. In value terms, the growth was even more impressive, with strong prices that cast a shadow on the falling prices of conventional blueberries in recent times. In 2020, the average price of organic fresh blueberry exports was US$9.62/kg, while the average price of conventional blueberries was US$6.24.

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