Imported cherries harm prospects for Chinese local production

Thu 01/02/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
117 pais chile cherry

The prices for imported fruit to China, such as cherries, are falling while sales are soaring. Local fruit producers are not too happy about this. Chilean cherries used to cost 300 yuan per 500 gram on the Dalian market, but in the last two years, the price has fallen to 40-50 yuan, or even lower. The supply of imported cherries is expected to last until the end of February, after which, small quantities of local greenhouse cherries will enter the market priced at around 120 yuan per 500 gram. While the quality of imported cherries will be acceptable at that point, their price will be much lower than that of local cherries, thus damaging the prospects of the first local cherries on the market. The extended supply of imported cherries with the implementation of the free trade zone has led to the season for imported cherries overlapping with that of local production now.



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