Huge impact of invasion on Ecuador’s banana exports to Ukraine 

Ecuador's banana exports to Ukraine were down by 99.17% in February 2023 compared to a year earlier - the month before the Russian invasion.
Thu 13/04/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Only 13,060 boxes were sent to Ukraine this February compared to last year’s 1,566,944 boxes, underlining the impact of the war and the wider impact on the international community. Meanwhile, banana exports from Ecuador to Russia are down by 8.02% from pre-war levels. 

Overall, Ecuador’s banana exports slipped very slightly in February compared to the same period in 2022, according to the AEBE. Shipments of 63.15 million boxes during February 2023 represent a -0.26% drop from a year earlier. The main market remains the European Union (31.3%), followed by Russia (24.6%) and the Middle East (12.1%), which received a combined total of 42.83 million boxes. Overall, there was a fall in exports to Eastern Europe (-29.1%), Europe EFTA (-17.6%) and the Middle East (-12.7%).

The top 3 brands are Dole (11.9% participation), Global Village (6.4% participation) and Pretty (4.6% participation).


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