Huasheng: China’s space-faring premium apple 

Mon 25/07/2022 by Pierre Escodo - Translation Richard Wilkinson

Since 2021, Huasheng apples have been sent twice into space by the Shenzhou manned spacecraft and to China’s new space station. The apple is an epoch-defining product for China’s fruit industry. The goal of Shaanxi Huasheng Modern Agriculture Group Co, Ltd. is now to select other premium varieties to be send into space, like kiwis and grapes. 

Established in 1997, Shaanxi Huasheng is a leading national agricultural group. The company’s core business includes apple breeding, agricultural services, fresh apple trading and apple futures. Huasheng Modern Agriculture Group started exporting apples to Europe and North America in 2001. Over the years, it has established a high-end international brand image at home and abroad. The group is now looking for international partners to expand the Chinese fresh fruits market together.

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