HORTYFRUTA investigates biological control by farmers

Thu 09/06/2022 by HORTYFRUTA - Richard Wilkinson

Andalusia’s fruit and vegetable interprofessional body HORTYFRUTA continues its “I Love Bugs” campaign, which aims to promote natural crop protection and biological control, as well as raise awareness and disseminate the need to conserve biodiversity in greenhouses in Andalusia.

As part of this action, a large survey is being carried out, which began during the Expolevante Fair in Níjar, in order to gather information from farmers in Almería and Granada about their practices for controlling pests, their application of biological control to their crops and their use of agroecological methods.

President of HORTYFRUTA, Francisco Góngora, said: “This survey is very important as it will offer a very interesting snapshot of the level and application of biological control by our Andalusian farmers. We all know that there are crops where biological control is more widespread than in others. The sample will tell us where the causes of these differences may be.”

Góngora thanked the marketing companies associated with HORTYFRUTA for their kind and professional welcome in carrying out the survey, “since their participation is essential to reach the greatest number of farmers.”


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