HORTYAFRUTA warns of impact of Russian invasion on EU markets

Thu 17/03/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Andalusian fruit and vegetable interprofessional body HORTYFRUTA has unanimously condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and warned of severe consequences for the markets of the EU. Of particular concern is the fact that shipments of fruit and vegetables from third countries that were originally destined for Russia will surely now end up in the EU.

Since 2014, the EU fruit and vegetable sector has been suffering from the impact of the Russian ban on the entry of horticultural products from the EU. As for Ukraine, Spanish exports of fruit and vegetables in 2021 amounted to 10,496 tons and were worth €8.9 million.

Although Ukraine is not a significant destination for Andalusian fruit and vegetables, the armed conflict is indirectly affecting the sector with increases in the prices of fertilisers, energy, fuel and other raw materials that can raise costs by over 35%. 

“These increases are added to those already registered since the beginning of the campaign, causing the sector to see its profitability compromised,” said Francisco Góngora, president of HORTYFRUTA.


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