Hong Kong faces vegetable shortage as Covid-19 spreads among truckers

Tue 15/02/2022 by Richard Wilkinson
Night view of Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong. copyright: rawpixel.com, Freepik.

As Hong Kong tightens its Covid-19 restrictions amidst record new infections, consumers face a vegetable shortage due to truck drivers testing positive being unable to bring supplies from mainland China.

According to reuters.com, Hong Kong’s supply of vegetables last Tuesday was around one-third of Monday’s after several cross border truck drivers, who bring in produce from mainland China, tested positive. Vegetable shelves were bare across supermarkets in the city, although other food remained available.

The hundreds of freight trucks delayed at Hong Kong’s border are causing vegetable prices to skyrocket. More than 60 cross-border freight truckers were prohibited from leaving a quarantined hotel on Hong Kong’s border with mainland China until they tested negative for Covid-19.

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