Hispalco dares to innovate

Tue 09/01/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

Hispalco continues to invest in innovation, but does not lose sight of what makes it unique: the quality of its products and the care it puts into its packaging. Its Mona Lisa® brand includes the “Cayena Lisa” pineapple from West Africa, in individual cases of 6 x 1.6-1.8 kg. There is also the ‘sugar loaf’ variety, with its very sweet white flesh and an edible, fibreless core. Hispalco’s range of brands has grown in quality and elegance in parallel with its alter ego, Mona Lisa®: the Lady Godiva® brand, under which it already sells kiwis, clementines and peppers. But the major breakthrough for Hispalco this campaign has been the creation of a department, separate from its conventional range, exclusively for sales of its ecological brand Hispalco® Bio. CEO José Beltrán said,

“This department reflects the company’s intentions ever since its organic brand entered the market in 2008: increase demand with quality organic products.” T

he new offices of Hispalco® Bio are located in another area of ​​its main building in Puzol (Valencia). The department is made up of an independent team of professionals under a commercial manager with extensive experience in the organics sector. Meanwhile, a new line has been added to the firm’s product catalogue: Hispalco® Bio extra virgin olive oil.

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