Hinojosa and Lactips develop plastic-free packaging solutions for food

Thu 11/06/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Hinojosa and Lactips develop plastic-free packaging solutions for food

More and more people concerned about the environment avoid plastics in their purchases. However, this is not so easy when it comes to purchasing coffee, chocolate, cocoa powder or cookies. Their oleic characteristics make it essential that their containers, even when mostly cardboard or paper, have plastic part or even aluminium foil to act as a barrier and protect the product. To offer an alternative, Hinojosa has formed a partnership with French start-up Lactips and together they have developed an innovative, fully recyclable packaging that combines cardboard and a bioplastic made from a natural protein.

The bioplastic, developed and patented by Lactips, is made from a natural polymer, making it 100% organic, compostable and biodegradable in fresh water. In addition, it has the properties of technical plastics. Unlike other bioplastics, it provides a high oxygen barrier so food is preserved better and longer, and food waste is reduced. Another outstanding feature is that this material is heat-sealable, that is, it is incorporated in a laminate into Hinojosa’s recycled cardboard boxes by heat, thus avoiding the use of glues. In addition, it is an effective fat barrier, printable and soluble.

Thus, the collaboration of the two companies has allowed them to generate a new range of 100% plastic-free packaging, but with all the advantages of plastics. The collaboration is part of Hinojosa’s commitment to research for the development of 100% sustainable solutions that provide present and future responses to the needs of the food industry.

This new system, which has already been successfully tested, is also compostable after use, even with food scraps and can be thrown into organic matter containers. Likewise, it is accredited with labels such as Ecocert, EU Ecolabel, and the OK Compost HOME and Ok Biodegradable Water certifications, both from the TÜV Austria auditor.


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