Higher prices obtained for Spanish strawberries in 2018

Wed 22/08/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

Spain’s strawberry season began at the end of November, but by December it was less advanced than expected, due to the drop in temperatures, which slowed production. When Christmas arrived, production was higher than usual since temperatures had risen, although this situation changed at the beginning of the new year, regulating the weekly volumes obtained. Subsequently, the productions remained more or less stable until March, when strawberry plants enter full production. But by then, the persistent rains reduced the harvest considerably. At the end of March the weather improved and production began to recover. The bad weather in Europe delayed strawberry production in other producing countries, allowing the campaign to be extended in Huelva.

Distribution of annual supplies


Comparing the results of this last campaign with those of the previous one, from the data provided by the collaborating companies of the EU’s Prices Observatory, between December and February, 19% more strawberry production was marketed than in the previous season. Lower average monthly prices in that period derive from the greater supply. However, in March (when 25% of the commercialized production of the current campaign was concentrated), about 9.4% less strawberry was marketed than the previous season. The shortage of strawberries caused the average monthly price in March to reach €1.48/kg, which was much higher than in March 2017.

Average monthly strawberry prices



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