High Quality Sweet Corn for Market-leading Yield

Tue 26/05/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
High Quality Sweet Corn for Market-leading Yield

Syngenta Vegetable Seeds continues to invest heavily in research and development to ensure it meets the needs of its growers and partners. With a strong product portfolio, Syngenta drives innovation to improve flavor, quality, convenience and productivity for the benefits of growers, marketers, retailers and consumers.

Syngenta sweet corn hybrids continue to outperform in the field and in the market. With a focus on grower and consumer-friendly qualities, Syngenta has invested in delivering sweet corn varieties that solve grower issues, meet critical market needs and ultimately create new demand.

New Fresh Market Sweet Corn Varieties:

For fresh market, Syngenta’s sweet corn breeders developed new varieties with benefits such as outstanding eating quality, tenderness, good disease resistance, longer harvest windows, great ear size and visual appeal. Many of these hybrids are developed to be widely adapted across multiple growing regions and worldwide markets.

Glacial: An innovative 79-day sh2 variety that performs well globally in most temperate growing locations and in different markets, including the processing, fresh and shipper markets.

It produces large ears with vibrant, bright white kernels. This supersweet variety offers great tip fill, excellent eating quality and outstanding husk marketability. Learn More Here.

Crave: A Glacial bi-color type, Crave sweet corn offers a great husk package, large ear size and excellent eating quality that both growers and consumers will crave. This variety is well-adapted to many corn growing regions. Learn More Here.

BSS1075: Ideal for the shipper market, BSS1075 produces consistently uniform ears with excellent tip fill and superior taste that meet market needs. A 77-day bi-color supersweet that has strong rust resistance and a strong healthy plant. Learn More Here.

New Processing Sweet Corn Varieties:

In processing, Syngenta sweet corn breeders developed hybrids with versatility, high yield potential and consistent recovery. Innovative technology such as the state-of-the art Yield Accelerator facility allows Syngenta to touch all levels of sweet corn production. The research and work being done at the Yield Accelerator benefits the sweet corn grower and processor by maximizing genetic yield and recovery across a wide set of growing conditions.

GSS3951: A yellow main-season supersweet variety, GSS3951 offers improved tolerance to stress conditions to help ensure high yield for the grower and recovery for the processor. With ideal supersweet kernels and good eating quality, GSS3951 provides excellent consumer appeal. Learn More Here.

Syngenta Vegetable Seeds continues to serve a growing and dynamic industry. With its strong commitment to its growers and partners, Syngenta remains focused on creating high quality products and sustainable solutions always at the forefront of innovation.

For more information on Syngenta vegetable varieties, visit http://www.SyngentaUS.com/vegetables.

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