G’s Fresh Group presents the new snacks of its Love Fresh® Brand at Fruit Logistica 2019

Wed 20/02/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
G’s Fresh Group presents the new snacks of its Love Fresh® Brand at Fruit Logistica 2019

British company G’s Fresh Group took advantage of its presence at the international Fruit Logistica trade show, held in Berlin between the 6th and 8th of February, to present to professionals of the industry its next range to be released into the European markets.

Launching under the new Love Fresh® brand, the G’s Fresh Group expands its range of healthy snacking, ready to eat products. This launch is the result of the collaboration of G’s vegetable production with Philadelphia®. The new range of products includes four varieties – celery, mini cucumber, mini-tomato and carrot. The snacks come in convenient trays with around 80 grams of ready-to-eat vegetables, along with 35 grams of Philadelphia® for dipping – an ideal proportion for snacking between meals.

“Today it is still difficult to find healthy products to snack on-the-go between meals. On the other hand, we would all like to eat more fruit and vegetables. By combining these two ideas and following current trends and consumer habits, we wanted to bring vegetables closer to consumers in a fun, healthy and convenient way”, declares Aurélie Zogheib, Head of Global Brand Love Fresh®.

Love Fresh®, snacks with ‘Fresh Attitude’

“With the release of this new range of products, we are beginning to spread the “Fresh Attitude” throughout Europe, it’s a lifestyle. Eating vegetables is fun, fresh, colourful and healthy. Our habits are changing: we used to eat 3 main meals a day and now we are eating less but more often, reaching up to 7 times a day,” says Zogheib, “It’s the beginning of the Fresh Attitude!”

With this release, G’s Fresh Group continues its commitment to innovation. The new products are added to the range of marinated beet snacks of Love Beets® and the ready- to-eat celery of Love Fresh®, offered until now with dips such as Caesar, Ranch, Garlic and Parsley, and Sour Cream.

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