Gruventa and Agro Marketing champion internationalisation of stone fruit

Mon 04/04/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
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Murcia-based fruit and vegetable producer and exporter Gruventa combined forces with the Agro Marketing firm to hold the recent Stone Fruit Congress, which took place  March 8-9 in Murcia.

Gruventa managing director Fermín Sánchez Navarro said the companies collaborated to promote the event, which he said is a powerful platform to champion “the strength of stone fruit from Murcia, and wider Spain, in terms of quality and food safety.”

Sánchez Navarro said the congress provided

“an ideal showcase to disseminate and publicise the extraordinary organoleptic and nutritional properties of Spanish stone fruit,” adding that it is “a top priority to address other issues of great interest to stone fruit sector, such as the communication, promotion, marketing, supply management and, especially, efforts to create an interprofessional organisation for stone fruit in Spain.

Gruventa sells over 35,000 tons of fruit and vegetables to more than 40 countries around the world, through a dozen large retail chains. The company also distributes more than 25 items from more than 20 producer partners from throughout Spain.



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