Growth through variety renewal of blueberries from Chile

Mon 14/10/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Growth through variety renewal of blueberries from Chile

Fresh blueberry exports from Chile, which are available from October to April, are expected to grow again during the 2019-2020 season, reaching an estimated 115,000 tons, which is a four percent increase compared to the previous season.

This growth stems from new plantings implemented the past few years with the goal of variety renewal, and the ultimate result of an increase in the planted area and production in Chile.

The new area is estimated at more than 4,000 hectares with new varieties planted the last four years in Chile, resulting in a planted area increase of 2,500 hectares. This new plantings will come into full capacity during the coming years when new plants reach their full production.

Furthermore, the Chilean Blueberry Committee members have decided not to export a number of older varieties with insufficient shelf life.

Due to all these factors, The Committee estimates total production of around 160,000 tons, with 115,000 exported as fresh fruit, 41,000 going into the processed market, and 4,000 headed for the domestic market.

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