Growth of US fruit imports stalls

US fruit imports were rather flat in 2020, with the exception being for fresh citrus and frozen fruit, according to new USDA data.
Thu 18/02/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
Growth of US fruit imports stalls

Overall imports of fresh, frozen and processed fruit rose by less than 1% Y-O-Y to US$19.9 billion in 2020. This contrasts with the significant annual growth recorded by the  category since 2010, when imports were as low as US$10.4 billion.

There were falls in imports of avocados (-12% to $2.3  billion), bananas (-2% to $1.9 billion), blueberries (-5% to $982 million),  strawberries (-2% to $819 million), and apples (-18% to $110  million). Citrus imports rose  by 11% to $1.4  billion, driven mainly  by growth in mandarins and oranges. Table grape imports were also up, +4% to $1.7  billion,  In terms of sources, shipments from Mexico and Chile were both down 3%, to $8.2 billion and $1.9  billion, respectively, while fruit imports from Guatemala fell by 2% to $1.9 billion. By contrast, Peru registered a 17% increase in shipments to the US ($1.7 billion), and imports from Costa Rica climbed 2% to $1.1 billion.

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