Growtech Eurasia Fair is providing the agricultural sector with opportunities for new alternative markets

Tue 07/11/2017 by Richard Wilkinson

Western Mediterranean Exporters Union (BAIB) Chairman Mustafa Satıcı announced that they organized a Reception Committee Program under the Growtech Eurasia Agricultural Fair which will be held in Antalya Expo Center between the dates of November 30th and December 3rd 2016.

“Thanks to the program that will be organized by the BAIB and in coordination with the Ministry of Economy; in the Growtech Eurasia Agricultural Fair, our exporters will have the opportunity to get together with important potential buyers from all around the world” said Satıcı.

Preparing to introduce its exhibitors and visitors to the world markets, the Growtech Eurasia 16th International Greenhouse, Agricultural Equipment and Technologies Fair will be held between November 30th and December 3rd, 2016 in Antalya Expo Center. The fair will be held on a total area of 50 thousand m2. More than 700 national and international exhibitors and 80 thousand visitors from almost 80 countries are expected to take place over in Turkey’s most comprehensive agricultural fair.

Growtech Eurasia, is steering the agricultural sector in a large area from Europe and the Balkans to the Middle East; from Northern Africa to the Turkic Republics

Noting that Antalya with its production potential, product patterns, success in exports and  year-round supply of agriculture products to domestic and foreign markets, is a brand city of agriculture, Western Mediterranean Exporters Union (BAIB) Chairman Mustafa Satıcı stated “Our exports to the region reached 1 billion 19 million 604 thousand 724 $ in the first 9 months of 2016 while the exports of the agricultural sector reached 422 million 815 thousand 830 $ in the remaining 9 months. With the re-opening of the Russian market we believe that at the end of the year we will achieve our goals in improving our efficiency in the alternative markets that we have created with great efforts”.

“As Western Mediterranean Exporters Union BAIB, we have been supporting the Growtech Eurasia Antalya Agricultural Fair that offers the alternative markets needed by our industry and which is of international class in terms of both participants and visitors for years” Mustafa Satıcı said. “We are organizing a Reception Committee program under the Growtech Eurasia Agricultural Fair organized by the BAIB and in coordination with the Ministry of Economy. Thanks to the program our exporters will have the opportunity to come together with important potential buyers from all around the world. Steadily growing since 2002, today, the fair gives direction to the agricultural sector in a wide geography from Europe and the Balkans to the Middle East; from North Africa to the Turkic Republics” he added.

Growtech Eurasia, is preparing to introduce its exhibitors and visitors to the world markets

Stating that Growtech Eurasia is being held 16th time this year, UBM EMEA (Istanbul) Exhibitions Group Director Engin Er said “We are creating an average business volume of above 500 million $ each year for the industry and providing access to alternative new markets as well as existing markets for our visitors with our participants. Growtech Eurasia exhibits the latest products and services on the agricultural sector and at the same time take the role of a platform for communication and dialogue while providing alternative new business cooperation opportunities, embracing all actors in the agricultural sector”.

“We have done our part as Growtech Eurasia; we increased the size of our exhibition area to 50 thousand m2. We organized a match-up program that will bring together exhibitors and visitors with the right buyers. In addition, we brought the Reception Committee programs supported by the Ministry of Economy, organized by the BAIB and hosted by us, to the fairgrounds. We renewed the concept of the Growtech Eurasia Agriculture Award which has been awarded for nine years and which has earned the respect of the industry. The products and services ranking highest in our contest will be exhibited in the Innovation Area that will be created for the first time in the expo area. In summary, Growtech Eurasia continues to break grounds and lead innovation this year too” continued Engin Er.

Growtech Eurasia 16th International Horticulture, Agriculture and Technology Fair which is the leading fair of the Eastern Europe, Middle East and the Caucasus and which steadily continues to grow and develop, gaining prestige in the international arena every year, will take place between November 30th and December 3rd, 2016 in the Antalya Expo Center.

The 50 thousand m2 exhibition area of Growtech Eurasia is divided according to 4 different types of products and services namely ‘Irrigation and Greenhouse Technologies’, ‘Plant Nutrition and Protection’, ‘Tractors and Agricultural Machinery’ and ‘Seeds’, taking the interests of visitors and exhibitors into consideration. The fair is going to be open to visitors between 10:00 and 19:00 hours.

Participant Profile: ‘Greenhouses and Greenhouse Technologies’, ‘Seeds ‘, ‘Seedling’, ‘Plants’, ‘Organic Farming’, ‘Irrigation Systems and Equipment’, ‘Plant Nutrition and Protection’, ‘Project Design, Consulting Services’, ‘Certification’, ‘Packaging’, ‘Agricultural Banking and Finance’, ‘Agricultural Analysis and Research Laboratories’, ‘Agricultural Machinery and Equipment’ and ‘Agricultural Machinery and Technologies’.

‘Farmers, Producers, Dealers and Distributors’, ‘Greenhouse and Agricultural Business Owners’, ‘Potential Buyers that will develop Greenhouse Cultivation and Outdoor Agriculture Projects’, ‘Fruits & Vegetables Brokers’, ‘Food Manufacturers Purchasing Managers’, ‘Retail Food Chain Store Product Purchasing & Supply Chain Managers’, ‘Agriculture Sector Public Institutions-Organizations, Professional Associations Related with Agriculture, Non-Government Organizations Managers – Professionals’, ‘Foreigners Planning to Invest in the Turkish Agriculture Sector’, ‘Press and Media Employees’, ‘University Teaching Staff and Students’.

About UBM

UBM, which organizes an average of 400 events per year in over 20 countries with over 5000 employees is one of the world’s largest trade fair companies. UBM EMEA Istanbul established under UBM, organizes the international fairs of Eurasian and Turkish markets with over 30 years of knowledge as well as UBM’s global experience. Below are some of UBM EMEA Istanbul’s market leading fairs: The Alleather Istanbul Leather Fair, CBME Mother, Baby and Children Products Fair, CPhI Istanbul Pharmaceutical Ingredients Fair, Expomaritt Maritime Industry Exhibition, Fi Istanbul Food Ingredients Exhibition, Growtech Eurasia Greenhouse Agricultural Technologies Fair, ISSA Interclean Istanbul Industrial Cleaning Exhibition Intertraffic Istanbul Traffic Technology and Equipment Exhibition, Istanbul Kids Fashion Baby and Child Fashion Fair, Istanbullight Lighting Fair, Tissue World Istanbul Cleaning Tissue Paper Industry Fair.

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