Greentech: The world’s leading horticultural technology show

Tue 01/09/2020 by Richard Wikinson
Greentech: The world’s leading horticultural technology show

If you are seeking to learn about cutting-edge topics and gain an in-depth look at the technology of the future to make informed investment decisions, GreenTech Amsterdam is an event for you. Greentech will be held on 20-22 October 2020 in RAI Amsterdam. As in 2019, when there were visitors from 114 countries, around half of the exhibitors in 2020 will be from countries other than the Netherlands. The top three exhibiting countries outside the Netherlands are China, France and the US. Mariska Dreschler, director of horticulture at GreenTech, said, “Horticulture is of critical importance for global food safety and security. Efficient and sustainable cultivation is therefore a necessity. The exhibition is a global meeting place for all horticultural technology professionals. GreenTech focuses on the early stages of the horticultural chain and the current issues growers face.” Experience horticulture solutions first-hand, and join inspiring knowledge session at GreenTech Amsterdam!

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