Granfrutta Zani increases volumes of white-fleshed peaches 

Thu 30/07/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Granfrutta Zani increases volumes of white-fleshed peaches 

Frosts striking Italy in late March and early April have brought Granfrutta Zani’s summer fruit production to its knees. “2020 was to be the year in which we should have consolidated our Metis plums marketing, but the 70% shortfall of product has made us review everything. As for peaches, we are continuing to increase production of peaches and nectarines in the white-flesh segment. In a bad year like 2019, they were our lifeline. As for apricots, we are continuing to replace old varieties with new yellow-skinned ones,” said Raffaele Buccella, sales manager for Italy. In a year that is set to be very difficult due to the small crop, Granfrutta Zani’s output will be destined for Italian and European retail, which together absorb about 90% of the company’s production.

Founded in 1962 by Luciano Zani in Granarolo Faentino (Ravenna), the Granfrutta Zani Group today has over 500 members located throughout Italy and produces stone fruit, strawberries, kiwis, pears, apples, watermelons and vegetables. It has two large processing plants and its annual production exceeds on average 100,000 tons.

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