Good forecasts for California kiwifruit crop as acreage grows

Wed 19/09/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
kiwi california

This year’s Californian kiwi crop is developing well. With the main season expected to get underway in the first week of October, some gold varieties could make it onto the market by mid-September. The high summer temperatures recorded this year do not appear to have harmed the development of this year’s crop. As gold kiwi is more sensitive to high temperatures or humidity, these varieties are often placed under shades. Despite being slightly late this campaign, the fruit should be of a very good size.

Water and labour are expected to be the major issues this year, as well as the uncertainty surrounding Italy’s export volume plans for the US. The main California season will run from October until April. Preliminary estimates from the California Kiwifruit Administrative Committee expect 10.9 million tray equivalents of hayward varieties and about 1 million units of non-hayward green or gold varieties. Kiwi acreage continues to increase in the state. For the coming season, a production area of 4,100 acres is expected, which is 300 acres more than last year.

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